Top 3 iPad POS Software In 2017

iPad POS Software

With the technology traveling at the speed of light, there is no shortage of point of sales software solutions today. In fact, the market is saturated with POS software that it’s almost overwhelming to choose the best for your business.

However, the right software for your restaurant or retail ouatlet should encompass critical features, including inventory, customer, and employee tracking, capability for multiple location access, Payment card industry agreement, and reporting tools.  Here are the top 3 POS software in 2017:

1.  Lightspeed Retail Point of Sales

If you have a thing for cloud-based point of sales software, Lightspeed Retail offers the best choice. It’s adapted to retailers in the pet, jewelry, apparel, bike, home décor, and sporting goods industry. It comes with a host of functionalities such as inventory management, customer tracking, sales tracking and reporting, and delves deeper into your store’s analytics. This POS system comes with a fully integrated online store solution that lets you manage online and in-store inventory.

It also allows you to view your customers and sales in real time through a mobile device. The multi-store capability synchronizes all inventories in a single location. The mobile capability means that you can track your sales, inventory, and employees from anywhere in the world through the iPad POS. Lightspeed comes with a monthly subscription starting from $99 per month, including around the clock support.

2.  Epos Now Point of Sales

Epos point of sales system is specially designed for small and mid-sized businesses. It comes with a vast array of features, including customer management capabilities, inventory management capabilities, the point of sale module, payroll processing, retail accounting, purchase orders and general accounting.

It’s a cloud-based iPad POS, which means you can track your customer, sales, and employees from any part of the world. It’s compatible with multiple devices such as Android, iPad, Windows, and Mac. You are free to buy the hardware directly from Epos Now or through third party vendors. It’s widely used in industries such as home décor, grocery, apparel, sporting goods shop, and furniture. 

The point of sale module encompasses innovative features such as credit card scanners, age verification, barcode reader, electronic scale integration, staff time clock, and the ability to void and discount items. The implementation process includes moving your customer, product, and stock data to the new platform. With an expert team who know their craft, any glitch on your POS system will be sorted out in a matter of minutes. The starting price of this software is $39 per month, which is the standard software. The premium software goes for $69 per month.

3.  TouchBistro Restaurant Point of Sales

As the name suggests, TouchBistro Restaurant software is a point of sales software developed for restaurants of all kinds. It comes with features that are specific to the restaurant industry, as well as advanced management capabilities. It's an iPad-based POS system, which means the restaurant staff can carry it along to the table to take orders and let guests settle their bills.

It's convenient to guests because they will not have to leave their table to clear their bills. It's designed to split checks, which means you can handle a large crowd of people who want to pay their bills. Customers can get their receipts printed. They can also sign them on screen or get them sent to their email addresses. TouchBistro Restaurant can generate detailed sales report to let you know the best selling items on the menu. This report can help you know the quantities of ingredients to order to keep up with the demand of the best selling items.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you by bringing you the best iPad POS software to choose from. But your choice will depend on the kind of establishment you run. Just make sure you buy a point of sales software from the right provider.

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